Fresno Adult School

Fresno Adult School is committed to providing life-long learning opportunities for adults and their families to improve their skills, pursue knowledge, seek advancement, and enhance their self worth. We believe the quality of tomorrow's Fresno and the surrounding Central Valley communities is the result of today's investment in our diverse community.

Fresno Adult School's César E. Chávez Adult Education Center is truly a flagship for adult education in the San Joaquin Valley, offering each and every adult in our community a unique opportunity to engage in lifelong learning. In 2002, Fresno Adult School's enrollment exceeded 35,000 students, representing one of the largest adult schools in Central California.


As part of their leadership and on-going commitment to their students, Fresno Adult school initiated a kiosk program to help students perform self-service searches for course schedules, curriculum, learning opportunities and job openings.


acire staff was retained to bring Fresno Adult School’s vision to reality. Using a secure Internet browser solution, Acire staff created an easy to understand user interface coupled with a sophisticated database element. The solution was built on Microsoft Access and provides students with the ability to conduct searches from the kiosk.

Once the student finds the information, they have the ability to print out the search on a thermal printer and take the print out with them for future reference. The kiosks selected by Fresno Adult School are wall mounted so they do not absorb any floor space.


Netkey Kiosk Software, Macromedia Flash, ASP, Thermal Printer, Microsoft Access