Kiosk Com Excellence Awards

Kiosk Exchange

Kiosk Exchange was created to provide the first online meeting place for buyers and sellers of Public Internet Terminals. Kiosk Exchange offers other types of kiosks and vending solutions and has expanded its efforts into other areas of the growing self-service markets such as digital photography. One of the company's core products has been the creation and integration of EZPIX, an instant digital photo kiosk solution which is being marketed internationally. Customers can instantly produce digital prints, scan, burn CDs or save images to the Internet with user friendly photo centers.


A digital photo kiosk solution it could provide its customer base.


acire staff conceived and manufactured the DPS 9010 digital photo kiosk solution. This kiosk included print capabilities for 4 X 6 and 8 x 10 printing. The DPS 9010 can read up to 28 different types of camera cards and allows customer to purchase and burn their digital images from the kiosk. The DPS 9010 won runner up for best enclosure award from KioskCom in 2005.