Long Beach Water

Long Beach Water Department

Since its formation in 1911, the Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) has been delivering a dependable water supply meeting or surpassing all applicable water quality standards. The LBWD serves a total population of 492,000, the fifth largest city in the State of California.

From our Board of Water Commissioners to the highly skilled technicians who service your neighborhood, we are dedicated to returning your water and sewer rate investment in this Department, sustaining your quality of life, and continuing to strive toward becoming the most effective, efficient, and competitive municipally run Water Department in California.


A complete website redesign.


Wanting to be more customer friendly and develop a better representation of its roll within the community, the Long Beach Water Department retained acire staff to re-build its web presence. The existing web site was managed in-house and did not provide the overall appearance desired by the Department.

acire staff streamlined the menu design categorizing content and utilizing a fresh new branding theme that included a Flash introduction on the main page. The result, a more interactive web site that is easy to use and clean new look. The current site was created in 2002.


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