Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is unique among the nation’s transportation agencies. It serves as transportation planner and coordinator, designer, builder and operator for one of the country’s largest, most populous counties. More than 9.6 million people – nearly one-third of California’s residents – live, work, and play within its 1,433-square-mile service area.


A self-service kiosk application


Metro retrofitted kiosks that were funded by its call for project process. The kiosks were given new monitors and PCs. acire staff developed the application specifically for Metro’s kiosk efforts. Eight kiosks are located at various Metro customer service centers, large employment centers and college campuses throughout Los Angeles. All information on the kiosks are presented in English and Spanish. Metro’s kiosk includes access to Metro’s real-time transit itinerary solution. acire staff worked with Metro’s programmers and developers to make the transit itinerary solution touch screen friendly. All information is web based and uses a secure browser for displaying content coming from the Internet. The software includes an on-screen keyboard option.


Netkey Kiosk Software, Macromedia Flash, HTML, Signage