NBC Enterprises

NBC Enterprises is responsible for the global distribution and exploitation of NBC-owned product, which includes foreign and domestic program syndication, strategic marketing, and ancillary exploitation of owned product in home video, merchandising, licensing, music, and publishing, as well as strategic production and co-production alliances and co-ventures. This programming includes all shows produced by NBC Studios, NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC.


NBC Enterprises wanted to develop an engaging program to promote several of its formatted shows to European television program managers. They envisioned an interactive self-service system that would provide a brief introductory to the NBC product line.


acire staff was contracted by NBC Enterprises to create seven kiosk applications for its MIPCOMM conference in Cannes, France. Six applications were based on marketing formatted shows NBC wanted to distribute in Europe.

Each kiosk was themed and contained Macromedia Flash idle screens and video transition sequences. acire staff edited 32 hours of video, created all user-interfaces and completed the job in less than four weeks. Video was provided in mpeg 2 format.


Netkey Kiosk Software, Macromedia Flash, HTML, MPEG Video