SMO Multimedia - Army Airforce Exchange Services
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SMO Multimedia - Army Airforce Exchange Services (AAFES)

SMO Multimedia's wholly owned subsidiary, the Kiosk Exchange has been deploying a network of self-service digital photo centers nationally. Statistics show over 5 Billion prints were made from digital images during 2004, accounting for about 18% of the total photographic prints made. For over 100 years, the Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) has been providing quality merchandise and services to active duty, guard and reserve members, military retirees and their families at competitively low prices. AAFES returns earnings to the Army and Air Force to improve troops quality of life and to provide a dividend to support MWR programs. AAFES operates more than 3,100 facilities worldwide, in more than 30 countries, five U.S. territories and 49 states.


AAFES sought a self-service digital photo kiosk solution for its PX stores on Army and Air Force bases. SMO Multimedia’s won a contract from AAFES to deploy a digital photo kiosk solution for 118 retail stores throughout the United States.


acire staff conceived and manufactured a digital photo kiosk solution for SMO Multimedia. It took 6 weeks to go from concept, to prototype to full production. The kiosk included the ability for customers to download and print images from digital camera cards or create a CD directly from the kiosk. The kiosks provide customers with the option to print 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 prints. The overall design of the 2800S was to give the kiosk a more rigid sturdy look, with sharp lines and hard break points with a sense of richness and quality reminiscent of Italian Baroque architecture. The DPS 2800S digital photo kiosk won the best kiosk enclosure design award in 2006 by KioskCom.