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In 1997, acire’s founder, Derek Fretheim, conceptualized a traffic delivery service that would use Microsoft's active channel technology. His vision was to create a subscription service for consumers and transportation service providers to help improve their service delivery, congestion mitigation efforts and information dissemination.

Using his 10+ years of experience and vast relationships in the transportation industry, Derek presented his concept to Jim Sims, Chief Technology Officer for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). Within minutes, Jim saw the value in using Internet technology and active channel methods to broadcast data to the 16+ million commuters in the greater southern California region. The weeks after the initial presentation was the assemblance of investors and data partners.

Nine months later the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee funded the birth of TrafficBee. Key relationship with the Traffic Advisory News Network and California State Department of Transportation (Caltrans) were secured and work began to build the system. The service was officially released to the general public on October 17, 2001.


Part of the TrafficBee Service included a software package that could auto-retrieve a persons personalized traffic data. Using a system that worked similar to instant messenger, Acire staff created TrafficBee Buzzer Software. Users would download the software from the TrafficBee Website. The software placed an icon in the users tool bar. Based on the user’s preferences, the software would retrieve traffic data and present it to the user. When a message was received, the icon would alternate from Billy the Bee’s face to a Bee’s nest


Microsoft’s Active Channel Software module